Early Bird Promotion ● Egg-Yolk Puff (Mooncake)

Wings Musicafe

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【 Early Bird Promotion ● 早鸟优惠 】


每个礼盒里都包括 :
🌖 红豆 Red Bean x1
🌖 绿茶 Green Tea x1
🌖 白莲蓉 White Lotus x1
🌖 芋头 Yam x1
🌖 斑斓 Pandan x1
🌖 豆蓉 Dou Yong (不含蛋黄) x1

❤️Must Know Before Order❤️
- Please store it in a dry and cool area after opening , avoiding damp. 打开后请保存在阴凉干燥处,避免受潮
- We will ship out the item within 1-3 working days 我们会在1-3个工作日内发货
- The price are excluded delivery fee. 价格不包括车马费
- Other state delivery please check with us the coverage before placing order. 发货到其他州,请在订货前与我们联系哦


🚗Delivery Fee 运费🚗
Order above RM180.00 FREE DELIVERY within Selangor/ Kuala Lumpur
订购RM180以上可免费送货至Klang Valley

Please Whatsapp 012-5358275 to check do your location provide door to door delivery service 😊